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Healing through story into the radical queer future




MERCY MISTRESS  web series

Mercy, Mistress is a web series in development based on Yin Q's memoirs about being a professional Chinese American dominatrix in New York City.

This series is produced in solidarity with the leather, BDSM, pro domme, sex work, and kink communities.


QUEER  live event

QUEER is an ongoing event series produced in a collaboration with bklyn boihood.

All bodies, identities, and experiences are welcome to attend and witness. However, these events prioritize the stories of QTPOC (queer trans people of color.)


NAMES OF WOMEN  short film

Names of Women is a short film based on a true abortion story.

The mission of this project is to use this story as a gateway for folks to have open, complex, human conversations about abortion.



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Poppy Liu  creative director // poppy@collectivesex.org

Amanda Madden  collaborator

bklyn boihood collaborator

Yin Q. collaborator

#ShoutYourAbortion collaborator

New Women Space collaborator

Zoraida Ingles collaborator

Yellow Jackets Collective collaborator

Diana Oh & {my lingerie play} collaborator

New York Abortion Access Fund collaborator

Kink Out Events collaborator

Trans Lab collaborator

Women of Color in Solidarity Conference collaborator

Abortion Care Network National Conference collaborator



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