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Collective Sex's mission is to decolonize queer and femme stories about sex, body, love and healing through the production of radical media and the creation of courageous community spaces. 

We are a collective of filmmakers, storytellers and community organizers who celebrate our intersectional female, femme, queer, trans, POC and migrant identities.

We root our work in anti-oppression and in the truth of our collective liberation.

We utilize a creative process that is joyful, non-binary, healing and collaborative.

This is what we mean by decolonizing storytelling.


Cover Photo: T. Thompson performing at a storytelling event at New Women Space in Brooklyn



 Photo by Marcuslikesit

Photo by Marcuslikesit

Mercy Mistress

Mercy Mistress is a web series based on Yin Q's autobiographical story about being a queer Chinese-American professional dominatrix in New York City.

This web series is being produced in solidarity with the leather community, the BDSM community, the pro domme community and the kink community.



QUEER is an ongoing event series produced in a collaboration between Collective Sex and bklyn boihood. It occurs on every other full moon in Brooklyn, NY

All bodies, identities, and experiences are welcome to attend. However, these events prioritizes the voices of QTPOC (queer, trans, people of color) when it comes to storytelling.

 Poster Design by Zoraida Ingles

Poster Design by Zoraida Ingles

Names of Women

Names of Women is a short film based on a true abortion story.

Names of Women has been screened at college campuses including Colgate, Barnard, Skidmore, Vassar, Wesleyan, Albright, UMass Boston and has collaborated with organizations such as New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF), NARAL Pro-Choice America, Center for Reproductive Justice, Advocates for Youth  and #ShoutYourAbortion.

Our mission is to use this story as a lighthouse for women to find solidarity and share their stories in community with one another.

Now we want to bring this film and movement to your community.

"The human connections Liu forged by sharing her experience with abortion might be the key to creating a healthy dialog about women’s health issues, reproductive rights advocates say."

- Lisa Held, Well + Good (read full article here)


We create short videos with direct action steps for how to be an ally, accomplice and advocate for a variety of social causes.

Showing Up For Our Trans Communities

What are the best ways to show up for our trans community, personally and politically? When is the time to listen, when is the time to speak up?

PANELISTS: Josh Terefe The Center, TGNC Pride Support Group), Sasha Alexander (Sylvia Rivera Law Project), Luce Lincoln (Global Action Project), Aries Liao (Q-Wave, Asian Pride Visibility Project)


Information is power and we need to find out what next steps to take when it comes to our reproductive justice in America.

PANELISTS: Elizabeth Hira (New York Abortion Access Fund), Travis Ballie (NARAL Pro-Choice America), Taylor Reynolds (Advocate For Youth), Lauren Paulk (Center for Reproductive Rights)

A Partners' Guide To Abortion

For some of us who have had abortions, this video is what we wish we had while we were going through the process. This video is a guide for partners (or friends) of someone going through an abortion on how to best support them.

Filmed at New Women Space


The following is a sample of stories from our live storytelling events in Brooklyn.


For more stories, subscribe to our Youtube Channel.



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