KINK OUT: Celebrating Diversity in the BDSM / Kink Lifestyle

Mercy Mistress is hosting Kink Out: a night of celebrating diversity in the BDSM / KINK lifestyle.
Free Event. Free Drinks. Free Your Kink.
*This is a 21yr + event*

Kink Out event is intended to bring NYC artists and activists of BDSM/kink sexuality together to share our work and how we promote sexual freedom.
It is also meant to provide a space for vanilla folks who are interested in kink an entry point into this community.

7pm - Images by Aeric Meredith-Goujon, Une Maitresse Femme, Natasha Gornik and Michele Serchuk and Venus Kinkade

7:30pm OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION + film screenings by Joey Carducci: All That Sheltering Emptiness and Mercy Mistress: Promo Video

8pm Reading by Tina Horn

830pm Work It! BDSM Sex Work Panel moderated by Axe the Masocast featuring Mistress Martine Phoenix, Sir Tony Bishop, Mistress Lucy Sweetkill and Mistress Blunt

930pm Intermission

945pm Reading by ILOV GRATE and Totally Tyler

1015pm Safe Space: Community Building panel moderated by Axe the Masocaste featuring Marcus Likesit of Ropes U, Dorothy Darker, Kris Grey,New York Toy Collective and Dia Dynasty and Lady Venus Cuffs

11:15 Film by Dulcinia Pitagora: Kink Doctor

Midnight Closing Ceremonies *special dance by ILOV GRATE

This is a free event, but please consider supporting Mercy Mistress:
Your donations will go towards paying the presenters/photographers/ writers/ and filmographers for participating in Kink Out, as well as towards the creation of Mercy Mistress.

Raffle tickets for a PleasureChest Stores Gift Basket will be sold throughout the night! Additional gifts donated by Apogee Journal, A Women's Thing, New York Toy Collective, Huneysuckle Magazine, and Please NY.

Community Agreements:
+ This is a space that celebrates Enthusiastic Consent!
+ This is a space where no assumptions are made about identity or pronouns
+ This is a space that uplifts marginalized identites and communities
+ Persons visibly disruptively intoxicated will be asked to leave.
**By RSVP-ing you agree to these Community Agreements**


"Storytelling as Activism" tour with #ShoutYourAbortion through the Bible Belt

In this 90 minute program, Poppy and Amelia discuss their respective approaches to
creative abortion storytelling as activism. Amelia focuses on the emergence and evolution
of #ShoutYourAbortion, which begun as a viral hashtag and subsequently evolved into a
full- edged movement. Poppy talks about how being a queer woman of color infuenced
how she documented her abortion story in the short film Names of Women, and why
intersectionality is essential in the conversation about reproductive rights. The presenters
will then lead students in a talk-back and engage students in a conversation about why
changing the way we talk about abortion has the power to change lives and legislation.


My Body Not State Property: Stories and Poems About Reclamation

A storytelling, poetry and open mic event reclaiming stories about body, reproductive health, mental health and care from institutions and the political conversations that they are often diminished to. 

Featuring stories and poems by:
Jackie Torres
Teshale Nuer
Jin Hee
Poppy Liu
Amelia Bonow
and Diana Oh

All bodies and identities are welcome to attend. However, this event prioritizes and centers the voices of QTPOC (folks who identify as queer, trans or as a person of color) when it comes to storytelling.


Asian Femme/inism: Stories About Queerness, Kinkiness and Sex

This afternoon is a reclamation of Asian femme sexuality through stories, media and heart-centered conversation. We will explore:
+ how queerness intersects with Asianness
+ how Asian feminism intersects with black, brown and indigenous movements
+ how Asian femme sexuality is influenced by histories of war and immigration
+ Asian femme stereotypes in media ("lotus blossom", "dragon lady") and the ways that Asian bodies typically get whitewashed
+ pan-Asian identities and divisions within the Asian communities

+ Yin Q from Mercy, Mistress: Yin Q is a queer Chinese-American professional dominatrix and Mercy, Mistress is a web series based on her life story
+ Yellow Jackets Collective: An intersectional collective of queer Yellow American femmes collaborating towards radical futures that center marginalized bodies.
+ Shama Rahman


QUEER LOVE MAGIC: full moon storytelling + open mic

QUEER LOVE MAGIC is a v soft evening of soulful storytelling exploring the intersections of queerness, love and spirituality.
THREE storytelling headliners:
+ T. Thompson
+ Amari Xolá Rasin
+ Sasha Alexander

This event is a collab between Collective Sex + bklyn boihood.
All bodies, identities, and experiences are welcome to attend! However, this event prioritizes the voices of QTPOC (queer, trans, people of color) when it comes to storytelling.