Mercy Mistress successfully crowdfunds $77,442 to film pilot

We exceeded our crowdfundng goal of $75,000 raising a total of $77,442 from hundres of donors, friends, supporters and family.
And most importantly, we did this in massive solidarity and with a deep bow to the BDSM, kink and sex work communities.
One week ago we gathered, 250 people strong, for KINK OUT as we celebrated intersectionality within our communities, the coming together of old guard and new guard, how to keep these communities safe and what is needed as we continue sex work activism.
We love you all so much and we PROMISE that we are going to make art magic.
Cheers to destigmatizing this work. Cheers to strong queer asian protagonists. Cheers to work made by queer folks, by femmes, by nonbinary people of color. Cheers to us fam.