Bible Belt Abortion Storytelling FILM TOUR

“We are not asking for your permission to exist, we are letting you know that we’re here, we’re irrepressible, and we’re dancing. We are making up for lost time.”

— Amelia Bonow on the #ShoutYourAbortion philosophy in Bust Magazine

Amelia Bonow (#ShoutYourAbortion) and Poppy Liu (Collective Sex) present an evening of abortion storytelling, art, and conversation.

Amelia focuses on the emergence and evolution of #ShoutYourAbortion, which evolved from a viral hashtag into a full-fledged movement.

Poppy's poetry performance uses art as spirit practice and storytelling as a mode of healing. She talks about how being a queer first-generation yellow-american woman of color influenced her abortion story, documented in the short art film "Names of Women."

Amelia and Poppy will then facilitate a talkback about why changing the way we talk about abortion has the power to change lives and legislation.