Asian Femme/inism: Stories About Queerness, Kinkiness and Sex

This afternoon is a reclamation of Asian femme sexuality through stories, media and heart-centered conversation. We will explore:
+ how queerness intersects with Asianness
+ how Asian feminism intersects with black, brown and indigenous movements
+ how Asian femme sexuality is influenced by histories of war and immigration
+ Asian femme stereotypes in media ("lotus blossom", "dragon lady") and the ways that Asian bodies typically get whitewashed
+ pan-Asian identities and divisions within the Asian communities

+ Yin Q from Mercy, Mistress: Yin Q is a queer Chinese-American professional dominatrix and Mercy, Mistress is a web series based on her life story
+ Yellow Jackets Collective: An intersectional collective of queer Yellow American femmes collaborating towards radical futures that center marginalized bodies.
+ Shama Rahman


QUEER LOVE MAGIC: full moon storytelling + open mic

QUEER LOVE MAGIC is a v soft evening of soulful storytelling exploring the intersections of queerness, love and spirituality.
THREE storytelling headliners:
+ T. Thompson
+ Amari Xolá Rasin
+ Sasha Alexander

This event is a collab between Collective Sex + bklyn boihood.
All bodies, identities, and experiences are welcome to attend! However, this event prioritizes the voices of QTPOC (queer, trans, people of color) when it comes to storytelling.