Cast of This Is Not A Play About Sex at Colgate University

Cast of This Is Not A Play About Sex at Colgate University


This Is Not A Play About Sex (TINAPAS) is a fully scripted 1.5 hour play based on 26 interviews with college-aged students about sex, body, intimacy, consent, identity, and relationships on a college campus.

Topics addressed include navigating the hook-up culture, positive sexuality, sexual freedom and empowerment, bystander intervention, sexual harassment and assault, masturbation, transgender identities on college campuses, body image, contraception, kink, and debunking all the myths we think we know about navigating sexual/social norms in a college setting.

It has already been performed as part of first year orientation for over 1,500 college students.


Acclaim for This Is Not A Play About Sex:

"I think that any college could benefit from being TINAPAS to their campus, raising important topics to a depth that students are hungry for, helping everybody consider healthier social and sexual choices."

Dawn LaFrance, Psy.D., Associate Director Counseling Center at Colgate University

"[TINAPAS] was the only time I felt like everyone on campus was on the same page... It got us to talk to each other when we previously would have been happy with the convenience of silence or the safety of superficial conversation.

Griffin '13

"I must say that I am speechless... [TINAPAS] is, honestly, one of the best things I've seen or experienced [in college], and I know that everyone else in the crowd felt the same way."

Alexis '13


Workshops focus on several key areas:

1. Compassionate communication // a practical advice workshop on how to communicate effectively both in the context of relationships and the hook-up culture, how to practice consent, and how to negotiate expectations (recommendation: appropriate for college campuses and high schools)

2. Intimacy building // a 2 hour movement workshop that utilizes a combination of visualization, breathing exercises, contact improv, partnered movement, and boundary communication (recommendation: appropriate for both college campuses and retreats)

3. Bodies encountered // a <1 hour movement meditation workshop (recommendation: appropriate for multi-workshop events and retreats, great to do outdoors)

4. Embodied story excavating // either a full day workshop or a series of 3 workshops at 3 hours each. This workshop results in a storytelling performance with your ensemble. (recommendation: appropriate for pre-existing ensembles and communities)

5. Customized workshop with focus on any of the following topics: open communication, bystander intervention, consent, intimacy, authenticity, hook up culture, sexual harassment/assault, self care, kink, navigating non-normative relationships


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