origin story

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When Poppy first founded collective sex, the mission was to create and hold spaces where people could practice and learn vulnerability.

The method? By diving into the things we keep most hidden from others: sex, body, intimacy and identity.

But she found that while it's okay to start with sex. we cannot just talk about sex.

Because we cannot talk about sexual perspectives and expressions without talking about gender identity and diversity.
We cannot talk about fulfillment and satisfaction without talking about privilege and injustice.
We cannot talk about personal choice and agency without talking about matrices of power.
We cannot talk about pleasure and body without talking about violence.
We cannot talk about empowerment without talking about oppression.
We cannot tell our stories without talking about silences.

We started talking.
We began asking the questions that matter.
We began figuring out what we want, and asking for what we need.
We brought back pleasure, connection, intimacy, and joy to our conversations about our bodies, our relationships, and our lives.
We became allies in each other's battles.
We examined our places of intersectionality.
We understood and internalized into our deepest bone marrow that in order to survive we must take care of one another.

And so collective sex evolved into what it is today.